Shotokan Karate JKA Academy

 SHOTOKAN JKA ACADEMY- Family Martial Arts Centre 
"Maintaining the true Spirit of Martial Arts".. 


Our Shotokan JKA Karate classes are..for the whole family from 4 yrs to 75 yrs !!.. from Special Beginners to Black Belts & Masters... We are one of the only martial arts academy in the UK that stresses the equal importance of developing not only the physical,..but the mental, as well as the spiritual development of it's members through our unique martial arts training !!..whether you a beginner or an advanced level student already involved in the martial arts,our training will help develop your potential to the ultimate limit...
Guaranteed !!...come check us out, we even give you a FREE lesson to get you started on the way too, so you have nothing to lose !!.  Call /Text : 07956 553417 now !!.

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 CHILDREN CLASSES... (From 4-8 yrs and 8-16 yrs)

Note: All our instructors are DBS verified and Child Protection Certified

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Our  Childrens' Classes will help you raise healthy,happy,confident children who reach their full potential through mastering Shotokan Karate JKA martial arts as a fun activity with Self-Discipline, Self-Defence, & Self-Confidence plus much more..

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If you wish to master the Shotokan JKA martial art as a great sport/past time, for health & fitness, or self-defence at your ultimate personal best level..look no further..we specialise in just that !!. we welcome not only Beginners but also advanced Black Belts, who feel they are not currently achieving their personal best potential and would like to join us to help fulfill their ambitions. Professional instruction is given by Sensei Sham Aktar 6th Dan,with over 48 years martial arts experience & one of the finest professional instructors & trainer of martial arts champions in

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Our Shotokan JKA Martial arts Classes for Adults..  

Age is no barrier at the SKC Academy..we believe martial arts is not only for young people but for all ages with different benefits..our classes will physically help develop your optimal health & fitness, strength,conditioning,endurance,flexibility, and could also help with fat burning to control your weight. Spiritually,our classes will enable you to fight stress, depression, and help deveop a mind set to overcome all obstacles, tangible or intangible in your life by focussing on the present moment in your classes, at the same time you will be mastering an ultimate martial art of self-defence, in a simplified easy to follow step-by -step way,just like you were learning it in Japan, by Sensei Sham Aktar 6th Dan,  regarded as one of UK's highly qualified professional Chief Club coach/instructor, with over 48 years of Martial arts & Karate experience. Together with his professional coaching team, our  Shotokan JKA classes and training will enable you to balance all aspects of your physical, mental, & spiritual self-development .You will be taught as if you are learning at the  Shotokan JKA Japan...

If you wish to master an effective & practical martial art  for self-defence & ultimate fitness, and/or for  competitive sport, or a past-time,whether you are a beginner, intermediate,or advanced level Black Belt Karate, we can help take you to the next ultimate level,in your progress guaranteed !!..

Remember...with the recent introduction of Shotokan Karate as an olympic sport it's popularity is growing more than ever ..get involved in this fascinating sport & martial art of self-defence now...

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 ADULT CLASSES .. (Ages 16 years upwards)

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