About Shotokan Karate JKA Academy

  •   Affiliated to Japan Karate Association World Federation - Kawasoe Sensei 8th Dan

  • Remember :  No martial arts is perfect they all have their strengths as well as their weaknesses...It is upto each practitioner how well they train & develop through their martial art that will determine an outcome in a practical situation.

  • Shotokan JKA karate utilizes both sides of the body & upper and the lower body to produce powerful, fast punches, kicks , strikes, blocks and throws. It also develops a balanced & even development of the body & mind through its practice of basics,forms, and sparring drills in practice. ( Kihon, Kata & Kumite )

  • Practitioners employ powerfully delivered, direct punches & strikes, using the hips, designed to quickly stop an attacker in a self-defence or competition situation.

  • Remember !!... Many other martial arts were derived from the Shotokan JKA system.

such as taekwondo, kyokushinkai karate, wadoryu karate ..and many others...

 Master the dynamic martial art of original Japan Karate Association karate as taught at the Japan Karate Association (JKA)  by the original JKA karate masters  with  Sham Aktar Sensei - 6th DAN, Ph.D (A.M)    at the Elite Shotokan JKA Academy .

 Sham Aktar 6th Dan -  is the chief club karate instructor/coach. He has has over 48 years of Karate & martial arts experience. He has trained in many traditional & modern martial arts, studied in China, Malaysia, & Japan with some of the worlds' leading original Karate & martial arts experts.  His goal is to revive their ways of the true martial arts & simplify their teachings for all ages.  After many years of practice, research & synthesis of all his masters' teachings, he has been able to devise his unique,yet simplified method of teaching karate martial arts for his students, which enables them to learn the original practical ultimate self-defence techniques & skills in a relatively shorter time then before, at the same time the students at the Shotokan Karate JKA Academy become great karate Black Belts & have optimal success in Karate tournaments & competitions too.  
















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